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About Us

MedUmbrella is a budding entrepreneurial venture conceived with a vision to transform the healthcare sector with quality and cost-effective products offering the hospitals with value and hassle free medical provisions.


We are a complete supply chain e-commerce venture dedicated for a complete turnaround in healthcare accessibility ensuring quality products, convenience and timely delivery through our reputed logistic system thus, aiming to make our health facilities accessible and affordable for the public at large.


We understand the current oddity in the procurement process, therefore we are determined in curbing the anomaly and the hardship involved in the supply chain. We take care of the responsibility of procurement and supply chain for you.



MedUmbrella has been built on the ground to serve the health care facilities by being the One Stop Shop Solution for Nephrology.



We aim to bring the complete nephrology sector under a single umbrella, from backward integration to supply chain to forward integration, to making dialysis cost effective for the CKD patients and affordable for BPL patients.



We are built on the 3 pillars of service; Reliability, Transparency, and Integrity.

Who We Are?

We are a passionate team trying to make change in the nephrology and healthcare industry, An unique platform for all your procurement needs of products and services of dialysis centres impacting the healthcare system at large.

What Matters to Us?

We believe in transparency and integrity, therefore our efforts are to dilute the process of medical specific dialysis essentials making it uncomplicated and cost effective for dialysis centres and CKD patients.

What do we do and How do we do it?

We partner with many leading manufacturers and CNFs directly to procure products at a lesser price providing cost benefit to the clients in return.

Partner up with the largest and leading ecommerce logistics provider in medical equipment to make your supply chain better, get cost benefits and bring the dialysis centres and its requirements under one umbrella.

Why Choose Medumbrella

MedUmbrella is one big platform for all your healthcare essentials. We are an e-commerce platform which brings to you consumables related to Nephrological dialysis, CKD and other medical equipment at an affordable price ensuring a seamless delivery system across India. Being an independent entity our entire focus is on providing highly qualitative products directly from the manufacturers to the end-users with convenience and affordability. A change in healthcare facilities in this country is highly desirable and we at MedUmbrella relentlessly strive to achieve that equilibrium of easy accessibility and cost efficiency reaching to every corner of the society.


MedUmbrella believes in a transparent environment by providing an opportunity for the hospital industry to avail equipment that is manufactured by world class producers with best techniques in one hand and the interest consumers at the other.  We believe in fair dealing and customer satisfaction which we strive to achieve through an affordable logistics partnered with a reputed delivery service to give our consumers the best of products within the designated time-frame. We continuously make an effort to ensure that the products that are ordered reach our customers damage free and hassle-free accomplishing our vision of change in every possible way.

We cater to the medical needs through bulk orders, partnering with vendors who are reliable, trustworthy and provide supreme quality products. The products we deliver go through a rigorous quality check and our partnered manufacturers have international quality management systems ensuring best of products with last mile delivery systems. MedUmbrella has been built on the foundation of trust, morality and transparency aiming to establish a long term association with its customers with security of information kept intact.